August 29, 2019
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August 29, 2019

Digital Routes in History

Implementation period: January 2019 - July 2019
Contracting authority:Municipality of Nafpaktia
Τοοls: Multimedia, web, Αnimation, Virtual reality

The project aims to highlight the historical and natural wealth of the wider region of Nafpaktia through the development of mobile navigation and tour applications. Two different digital applications were created for this purpose: 1) an interactive map of points of interest for hikers, cyclists and climbers, as well as 2) a virtual tour of the maritime history of the city of Nafpaktos

More specifically:

1) This application operates both as an interactive map using a Google Map layer as well as an on-site and remote tour system. In terms of content, the user has access to: cycling, hiking and mountaineering routes developed under the project "Creating Cycling, Hiking and Mountaineering Routes at Nafpaktia". Each of these routes, besides information such as altitude, length, difficulty of access, drinking water, etc., points out places of interest such as villages, mountains, fauna, flora, monuments, sites of historical and archaeological interest, places of rest, signs etc. Particularly interesting are the narratives and testimonies that accompany many of the journeys.

2) In order to highlight the maritime history of Nafpaktos, a series of interactive animated films narrating the most important stations in history were created. The application is educational and is recommended for students of all ages.