“It could be me-it could be you” “Aegean Monologues”
April 15, 2017
Creative & digital productions at the Archaeological Museum of Corfu
September 4, 2016

Athens Time Walk

Implementation period: Μάρτιος 2016 - Φεβρουάριος 2017
Contracting authority: Owned project
Τοοls: Virtual & augmented reality, multimedia, web

If you think that time travels exist only in fiction, a visit in Athens could definitely change your mind! With Athens Time-Walk you can visit the classical, roman, ottoman and early 20th century Athens and literally walk through the famous historical sites like Acropolis, Agora, Olympieion and Kerameikos as they once used to be. Athens Time-Walk, the latest application of the e-chronomichani platform, will guide you through 3d virtual and augmented reality environments, present you the famous monuments and provide you relevant multimedia information, like stories, images, narrations, testimonies, sounds and videos.

Use the application:

  • as an onsite real time guide
  • as an educational and entertainment activity
  • as an offsite 3d navigation experience even if you can’t visit the sites
  • Try the free version and if you like what you see, dive in to the full commercial version which will entitle you for regular content updates.