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August 21, 2017
Vanity – 7.000 years of Cycladic jewellery
August 23, 2017

3D reconstruction of the Mycenaen Palace of Iklaina

In the course of the past few years, many important archaeological remains of the Bronze Age (ca. 1600-1100 BC) have come to light in the Iklaina area, like monumental buildings with massive walls, homes and workshops. These findings suggest that during the early Mycenaean period Iklaina had its own palace and was the capital city of an independent ancient nation. The Iklaina Archaeological Project is conducted under the auspices of the Athens Archaeological Society and the direction of Professor Michael Cosmopoulos of the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Missouri at St. Louis.

In collaboration with Professor Cosmopoulos, di@drasis has created a 3D reconstruction of the Mycenaean Palace of Iklaina while the development of a real-time augmented/virtual reality touring application is already arranged.